There’s more fun to be had with The Seekers Soundtrack and Activity Book… perfect for your home, car or deep-sea submarine!

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Purchasing our merch helps us to be able to keep creating The Seekers Podcast and shows. Thank you!

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Thank you! Your donation will go to The Wardrobe Ensemble, a small Bristol-based theatre ensemble who make The Seekers as well as new theatre for all ages. Supporting our work means we can keep making more, including more Seekers!

If you’re being super super supportive and would like to donate more than £250, please get in touch with us beforehand and we’ll arrange a bank transfer.

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The Star Seekers - Original cast recording

All songs and music from The Star Seekers live show!

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The Deep Sea Seekers - Original cast recording

All songs and music from The Deep Sea Seekers live show!

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Seekers activity book

The Seekers Activity Book

An interactive book based our podcast adventures, with stories, puzzles and colouring in.

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The Seekers Podcast Soundtrack (Series 1-3)

All 18 songs from Series 1,2 and 3 of the podcast!

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Coming soon!

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Coming soon!

We understand that times are hard, if you are struggling for funds please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

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