Who are we? Meet the team behind The Seekers…

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We created The Seekers to nurture children’s sense of wonder and curiosity about our world through fantastical adventures. As well as tackling scientific questions, The Seekers also navigate emotional challenges, promoting curiosity not only about the world around them, but towards each other too.

The Seekers team

We started by making three live stage shows which toured the UK theatres, community centres, festivals and transferring to the National Theatre. The first show, The Star Seekers, was made on a shoestring budget in a room above a pub and from there our audience and ideas grew. Our shows are highly interactive and immersive – everyone becomes a Seeker (adults too!).

We really missed our audiences during the pandemic, so we created The Seekers Podcast, where our audio adventure possibilities are never-ending! We kept the integral connection with our audience through the character of the ‘Computer’ which is the voice of children that we interview for ideas to incorporate and respond to. We’ve also really enjoyed working with different famous guest voices, as well as creating original songs for each new episode. We then even turned ourselves into an animation to bring our song ‘Metre by Metre’ to life. We are excited about what might be next for The Seekers, and the many children we’ve connected with along the way…

The Seekers lead creatives are:

  • Ben Vardy – the face and voice of Alph! He is the master of lyrics and silly jokes.
  • Jesse Meadows – the face and voice of Betty! She drives The Seekers around the country, heads up our fan club and all podcast interviews.
  • Jack Drewry – the face and voice of Gammo! He is also the composer behind all Seeker songs and sound design and the editing wizard of the podcast.
  • Helena Middleton – the big kid genius Director behind the live shows and lead writer of the podcast.

Emily Greenslade is our cool cat theatre producer!

Dr.Doctor is voiced by the very brilliant Emily Mae Walker.

All Seekers adventures are created collaboratively, with song lyrics written by a combination of the team.

We are produced by The Wardrobe Ensemble – a Bristol-based theatre company devising new stage productions for adults, family audiences and younger years.

We have been supported over the years by many wonderful people. Special collaborators include: Matthew Whittle, Nicola Holter, Emily Greenslade, Chris Collier, Sim Rowsell, Jack Orozco-Morrison, Heloise Lowenthal, Grace Ellen Spalding, Katie Sykes and The Wardrobe Theatre.

And thank you reader for your continued support! We hope you love The Seekers as much as we do.

Stay curious!

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